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Eye Base Brush - Precise Defining Powder & Cream Application Tool For Eyes

This ulta-soft eye brush does it all, from applying primer to seamlessly blending shadows.

1 g / Net Wt 0.04 oz | Sku: I0111869


This soft eye base brush is made from 100% natural marten bristles to provide the best applciation process possible. And, the rounded tip is ideal for easily applying eyeshadow and eyelid primer with precision. It also allows for optimal blendability; once it lays down color, it seamlessly diffuses it to create stunning looks.

  • Made with 100% natural marten bristles
  • Designed to apply both powder and cream eyeshadows
  • Features soft rounded tip for optimal blendability
  • Clinically tested
  • Made in Italy

Apply shadows on the eyelid and blend upward with windshield-wiper motions. To clean the brush correctly, use Pupa’s Brush Cleaner; just spray the cleanser directly on the bristles, then use a tissue to remove make-up residue.

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