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Deliveries And Online Returns

Of course! All transactions made on the PUPA website are made in conditions of total security. Regarding credit cards, PUPA never receives or stores payment data, which is directly managed by interbank networks using all the respective security protocols. PayPal is also a totally secure system that does not involve the transfer of your payment data to our website, which just receives confirmation that the operation has been concluded successfully. If you need more information, visit the Payments

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PUPA products are made with great attention to quality and compliance with international cosmetics standards. On very rare occasions, it may be possible that a product reveals a small anomaly. If you are in this situation, don’t worry: report the problem to our Customer Service which will immediately verify your case and inform you on what to do to receive a refund.

If you believe that you have received a product different to what you ordered, don’t worry: report the problem to our Customer Service which will immediately verify your case and inform you on what to do to receive a refund.

Prices And Promotions

Yes, all the prices shown on the site are inclusive of VAT.

The prices that are shown online, net of any discounts or promotions that may be reserved for our online customers, constitute the official pricelist of PUPA products. Our products can also be found at other authorised retailers, which may apply their own discounts or promotions on the recommended retail price. For this reason, some of the prices published on our website may differ from those found in other stores.

It’s very easy: on the shopping cart page, there is a special space in which you can enter or paste your promotional coupon. If your code has been entered correctly, your order will automatically be adjusted according to the terms of the promotion (for example, a discount will be applied to the total amount, or to the cost of certain products that you have purchased).

First of all, ensure that you have entered the code correctly. In addition, please remember that every promotional code has specific rules on how to use it (dates of validity, minimum order price, the presence of specific products in the shopping cart, etc.), and so we suggest checking carefully to ensure that your order complies with the specific conditions. If you have checked and still think that your coupon should be accepted, you can contact our Customer Service which will immediately verify your case.

General Information

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We are sorry, but we don’t print catalogues, but on our website you can find the updated product range, along with make-up tips and colour suggestions.

Unfortunately we don’t send samples directly to clients. Samples are distributed only through those perfume shops which sell our products. There you will find testers both for make-up and treatment products, so that you will be able to try them all.

Pupa has always been committed to complying with present and future choices of the legislator. Therefore, our finished products are not tested on animals, as prescribed by cosmetic regulations since 2004. We therefore voluntarily commit to follow the guidelines of the European community which recommend, for ethical reasons, to consequentially carry out in vitro tests and in vivo tests on human volunteers, under dermatologic control. The in vitro test as a matter of fact can predict possible irritative damage, so that each human volunteer can then safely undergo the in vivo testing. As far as the ingredients are concerned, we need to make a distinction: those that have been used for decades to prepare cosmetics, come along with a toxicological file that includes data relevant to animal experimentation carried out in the past, while for raw materials of new generation, from 2009 on, it is mandatory to substitute animal experimentation with alternative, scientifically verified methods. Furthermore, from 2009 to 2013, it will also progressively become illegal to sell cosmetics containing ingredients that were tested on animals in countries outside the EU. In conclusion, notwithstanding the important steps forward that have been made in these last years, the exclusive use of alternative testing methods needs further commitment and development of scientific knowledge in order to guarantee all aspects of product and ingredient safety for customer protection, which remains the main priority. Pupa and Pupa products have always been compliant with present and future choices of the legislator.

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Product Information

This substance is not an ingredient of any of our products.

You can check for the presence of ingredients to which you may be sensitive (wheat, oat, barley, and their derivates) by taking a look at the ingredient list you can find on all packages of cosmetic products. It is nevertheless possible that other raw materials may contain some residual traces.

This preservative is not an ingredient of any of our products.

The use of nickel in cosmetic products is forbidden. We can therefore guarantee that PUPA does not use it for its products. But, even if the raw ingredients we use are certified and have to pass a number of quality control tests, they could, however, contain traces of metals such as nickel, in very small quantities, considered as impurities. This is the reason why we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that our products are absolutely nickel free.

If you know exactly which substance causes your allergic reaction, you can check for the presence of that specific ingredient on the list you can find on the labels of all cosmetic products. If, on the contrary, you don't know what causes your allergic reaction, we suggest you to apply products on a small area of skin on your inner forearm: if you notice any reaction, even light redness, we advise you not to use this product and to try with another similar one, as the ingredients are different in each one of them.

Our advice for you is to buy cosmetic products carrying the wording "dermatologist tested". For further safety, apply product on a small area of skin on your inner forearm: if you notice any reaction, even light redness, we advise you not to use this product and to try with another similar one, as the ingredients are different in each one of them.

It is possible to check this directly on the package, label or case, where you will find the wording "dermatologist tested".

All our products comply to the European (76/768) and Italian (713/86) cosmetic legislations and are therefore rigorously safe and compliant with standing regulations. PUPA cosmetics are produced with the utmost care, they pass a number of quality and safety tests carried out by certified independent laboratories, in cooperation with University Institutes.

Ingredient names are written using an international code called INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients), which is valid for all countries in the European Union and used in other countries like for example the US, Russia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa etc. This way it is possible to check the composition of products we buy and see if they contain any of the substances to which we could be allergic.

European and Italian laws on cosmetics established that, for products which can last for more than 30 months, it is not mandatory to indicate a "best before date". On the other hand, it is necessary to indicate the PAO (Period After Opening), the symbol for which is a pot with the number of months the product can be used after opening with no risks for the user.

Beauty Kits

No, the kit is sold exclusively as a whole. Also, no refills exist to replace the finished make-up cakes inside the kits.

On our website, on the product data sheets, you will find the lists of make-up products inside the kits. Inside each kit, there is a leaflet that illustrates with detailed information all the products inside the kit and how they should be applied.

Sun Care Products

It depends on your phenotype. If you have a very fair complexion, you can apply it once a day for at least a week. If you have a darker complexion, you only need to apply it for two or three days before sun exposure. As for any treatment product, the result is subjective and is linked to the body's natural ability to produce melanin.

No. The self-tanning products "darken" your skin through a chemical bond, promoting an innocuous amber colour in the surface cells, similar to that of a natural tan. The SUN BOOSTER active ingredient contained in the Super Tan Activator stimulates melanin production, promoting your tan in a natural way.

After showering, you need to apply it onto clean skin while it is still wet; leave it to work for a couple of minutes and then rinse.

No. Our advice is to always use a sunscreen suitable for your phenotype. The activator does not provide any protection from the sun.

Our sun sprays have a duration (tested by trials carried out on the products) equal to the invisible spray of the competition. When using an invisible spray for the first time, you tend to apply it excessively because you cannot see it on your skin. Once you are used to this new method, you will start to apply the correct amount of product.

No, because it "breaks" the protective film.

They contain compressed air only.

Bath And Body

The preservative system is essential to protect the product from microbiological pollution, therefore it is also present in our shower foams, products which are at risk of contamination due to their water content.

Skin Care

We suggest you to use the Reshaping Salt Scrub throughout the whole year.
Before the summer season: to eliminate dead cells and enable a more even and glowing tan.
After the summer: to soften the skin, and eliminating uneven colour.
During the winter: when the skin is particularly parched and flakes off because of the cold weather.

Yes. The Reshaping Salt Scrub can be used also on dry skin, for a more intense exfoliating action. For example, it can be applied on parched and rough skin areas like elbows, heels and knees.

Yes. Thanks to its high level of Aescin, the Body Firming Reshaping Cream is an ideal treatment for all stages of cellulite. It improves micro-circulation thanks to the draining action of its active ingredient, so it is possible to reduce deposit of excess liquids, which are one of the causes for this type of problem.