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Lip Brush - Small Detailed Applicator For Lips

Perfect your lip product application with this precision lip brush.

1 g / Net Wt 0.04 oz | Sku: I0111873


Blend out lip liner, smooth on lipstick, and perfectly apply lip gloss with precision using this multi-function lip brush. The small synthetic brush allows for detail work to ensure your lip lines are crisp and deeper colors go on evenly. This application tool is ideal for beginners who feel they need a steadier hand when applying bolder lips; it"s also perfect for skilled professionals looking to create lip art or have more precision with clients. For the best results, hold the brush using your thumb and forefinger, then anchor the rest of your hand on the jaw or cheek for a steady hold while you work.

  • Clinically tested
  • Made with flexible synthetic fibers
  • Seamlessly blends out lip liner to create clean lines
  • Ideal for flawlessly applying lipsticks and lip glosses
  • Made in Italy

Blend lip liner, lipstick, or gloss from the outer corners inward. For the best results, use the tip of the brush to outline the cupid’s bow.

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