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Whales 3 - Eye, Lip, & Face Makeup Set For Pupa Collectors

Get the ultimate Pupa collector's item with this eyes, lips, and face set.

16 g / Net Wt 0.6 oz | Sku: I0111608

Available in 2 variants

Enjoy the best Pupa has to offer with this all-in-one face, eyes, and lip kit. It contains 1 cream highlighter, 1 powder blush, 1 primer, 5 eyeshadows, 1 applicator, 2 shiny lip creams, 2 matte lip creams, 1 classic lip cream, and 1 gloss. Aside from being perfect for plenty of versatile looks, it"s also ideal for travel or gift-giving. With just this one kit, you can shape the face, enhance the eyes, and add a pop of color to the lips. All of the pigmented formulas are soft and easy to blend , so you can create various unique looks. Each velvety texture melts into the skin, blends around the eyes, and volumizes the lips for beautiful results.

  • For the face, contains 1 cream highlighter and 1 blush
  • For the eyes, contains 1 primer and 5 eyeshadows
  • For the lips, contains 2 shiny lip creams, 2 matte lip creams, and 1 original lip cream
  • Features a multi-use application tool for the face, eyes, and lips
  • Made in Italy

Apply the blush and cream highlight to the highest points of the cheek to enhance your bone structure and add color back into the face. Then use your choice of eyeshadows to crease varation looks by placing them into the crease or onto the lid with the gently foam applicator. Lastly, choose from any of the lip creams or mix them together to create a custom shade before topping them with the gloss.


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